Mosquito - wikipedia, Taxonomy and evolution. the oldest known mosquito with an anatomy similar to modern species was found in 79-million-year-old canadian amber from the cretaceous. an older sister species with more primitive features was found in burmese amber that is 90 to 100 million years old. two mosquito fossils have been found that show very little morphological change in modern mosquitoes against their. 19 proven health benefits avocado | organic facts, The top health benefits of avocado include its ability to boost heart health, improve digestion, prevent cancer, enhance liver health, and help in weight management.avocado also helps keep the eyes healthy due to its high lutein content and protects the skin from signs of aging. it is a rich source of good fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytosterols..

Does drinking water affect food digestion? | livestrong., The human body water functions sustain life. water essential nutrients body . people survival considerable amount time food, remarkably days drinking water.. Which teas good digestion? | livestrong., Green tea. green tea beneficial digestion substances called polyphenols, including catechins. study published "journal agricultural food chemistry" 2005 catechins green tea increase activity pepsin, digestive enzyme breaks proteins stomach.. The koalas diet & digestion | australian koala foundation, The koala mammal, greater glider ringtail possum, survive diet eucalyptus leaves. eucalyptus leaves fibrous nutrition, animals extremely poisonous..

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